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Bathroom Remodeling


At the end of the day there's nothing more relaxing than unwinding in your personal "spa style" bathroom. Or maybe you prefer steaming up a beautiful tile shower with tons of body jets. However you would like to unwind, it would be our privilege to transform your current bathroom into one of the most enjoyable rooms in your home.


Abode Homes can update any bathroom into an inviting and comfortable space for you to enjoy. We combine timeless style and modern amenities that leave you with top value and a bathroom that will exceed your expectations.


Bathroom remodeling is our specialty and we handle everything from the initial design to the final inspection. Total bathroom transformations are a work of art and our main focus is applying quality craftsmanship to clean and functional design.


Regardless of your taste and style we will combine your goals with our expertise and together craft the bathroom of your dreams!




3 Things To Thinks About



When it come to designing any space here are three main things to think about before your designer steps foot in the door.

#1   Budget


 "How much is this going to cost" is the most asked question in the industry. With the wide range of products and cost factors to choose from the better question might be "how much can I afford" or "how much do I want to put into this",


The typical price range of most bathrooms we do start out at 8-13K for a 5' x 8' bathroom and upwards of 25K to do a full master bathroom suite. Keep in mind that these are total redo numbers and would be less expensive if we were just doing a face-lift or partial remodel. Here are some sample ranges to plug into your budget.


  • 1/2 bath remodel $3,200 - $5,500.00
  • Hall bath remodel $8,500 - 13,500
  • Master bathroom suite remodel 25K +
  • Bathtub replacement $4,700 - $6,900
  • Tile shower Install $6,500 - 8,200.00
  • Walk in bathtub install $12,500 - 15,700
  • Tile flooring installation $1,250 - 4,500
  • Cabinet and counter replacement $1,200 +


These numbers are based on historical data from previous remodels we have done. To get a firm quote please schedule an estimate for a complimentary consultation with one of our project planners.






#2    Style


With so many options to choose from when it comes to fixtures and finishes it helps to think about what "style" you're into. When we talk about style we are talking about both the look and the "feel" of your space.


Some examples of style are:


  • Traditional - timeless design, squared lines, conservative fixtures
  • Modern - European influenced, sleek lines, built in amenities
  • Luxury - the best of the best in finishes
  • Universal - ease of use and assisted mobility
  • Sub styles - cottage, craftsman, mountain, spa retreat, venetian, retro, mid-century, etc.


Just take a look around your home and you should already have a good idea of what style your home is. It's your decision to try and match the space you're working with or embolden yourself and think outside the box. We're here to help you every step of the way in designing a beautiful and functional bathroom that you will cherish for many years to come.









#3    Schedule


You should be aware that most hall bathrooms take about a week to do a "true" remodel and larger master bathrooms can add another week or more.


Taking time off from work in addition to the impact that a full scale remodel will have on your schedule is something that you should think about and plan for.


Your "Project Planner" will build a comprehensive installation plan that will coincide with your schedule in order to keep everything moving at a steady pace. We strive to make every job as efficient as possible but above all else we take the time that's required to do the job right.


Question:  What is a "true" remodel?


Bathroom remodeling comes in many packages. Lately we have seen an explosion of 1 day remodel options on the market. These are pretty much just "stick on" bath and shower kits that either go over your existing unit or are designed to be a quick way to remove and replace what you currently have ( they actually use many pieces of double sided tape to attach to your walls!)

At Abode Homes we steer clear of this type of product and use only high quality products and proven installation methods that you would find in any custom built home. Our philosophy is, when you remodel a space you should have something "better" than what was replaced, not just better looking.


Design Your Bathroom With Ease


Our designers work hand in hand with you to define your style, determine your vision, and ultimately give you the bathroom of your dreams. With plenty of upfront planning and preparation we are able to engage the renovation process with a detailed plan that will make the entire process as exciting and stress free as possible. Your taste and style are the most important elements in the process and we make sure your vision is realized in every square foot of the renovation.


Looking beyond the aesthetics of the project and diving a bit deeper into how you will use your bathroom is where the magic is. Discovering how you will use the bathroom and your preferences will provide us with valuable insight into how we can enhance your daily routine with a stunning new space.


This once tedious requirement is turned into an exciting experience that will guide the project into the vision that you see in your heart. It is our utmost privilege to transform your existing bathroom into the place of solace that compliments the best of days.


Getting It Done!


Turning your bathroom from drab to fab is what we do. Our team works hand in hand with you to keep things within budget, define your style, and keep everything on schedule. We've done some of the finest bathrooms in the Carolinas as well as a ton of "everyday" style bathroom remodels. Flooring, painting, tub to shower replacements, and complete redesign are just a few of the things we do. Tile showers, jetted tubs, cabinets, and granite are well designed and ready for installation. When you're ready to get started give us a call or click today!



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Abode Home & Garden is a North Carolina licensed General Building Contractor. We are a family owned and operated company that builds and remodels in many of the communities throughout the Triangle and the Sandhills. It is our honor to serve the homeowners and clients that allow our business to thrive. We believe in creating lasting value in every project as we stand behind all that we do with exceptional customer service.

May God richly bless you and yours.



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